Hey there sales pro. I'm Mike Kerrison.

I’ve spent my career helping salespeople like you develop high performance, Breakaway sales skills. My innovative solutions, down-to-earth delivery and field-tested, results-driven methodologies help thousands of sales reps across different industries around the country build better careers and better lives. Truly transformative sales teams and organizations enlist me for powerful multi-day, intensive sales trainings that consistently turn reps of all kinds into Breakaway Sales Performers.

Now I’m taking my essential training, lessons, expertise and insights to empower you with ongoing, on-demand coaching so you can crush quota.

How Will You Break Away?

Breakaway Sales Tribe

  • 320+ daily audio expert sales coaching
  • Templates, Worksheets, Checklists & Guides for goal setting, habit forming, call-making and more
  • The mentoring and encouragement you need, every day


Breakaway Sales School

  • Master the secrets to sustainable sales success
  • 50 videos
  • 43 Templates
  • 6 modules
  • Sales instruction at your fingertips
  • Lifetime Access


Breakaway Sales Pro

  • Includes BOTH Breakaway Sales Tribe and Breakaway Sales School
  • Unbeatable Breakaway Performance
  • A sales masterclass and daily coaching in one!
  • Expert instruction + sustainable feedback


A subscription membership dedicated to making you the best sales pro, period.

Imagine daily advice, coaching, and expert insights from a seasoned mentor who's built a career crushing sales and teaching others how to break away from the pack. Imagine a program specifically designed to help you achieve 200% of quota. Breakaway Sales Tribe is waiting for you.
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The best sales pro's - the ones dependably crushing it no matter what - had a great teacher. For many of them, that "teacher" was years in the field, hard work, and trial and error. The best of the best - the Breakaways - had a mentor. Somebody who taught them to work smarter, what to listen for, how to communicate. Beyond that - how to manage time. Territory. Habits and productivity. With Breakaway Sales Tribe, I teach you the code to great sales and how to crack it, with continuous support to save you time, money, and overwhelm - and put you on a fast track to learning how to consistently double your quota.

On-Demand Breakaway Sales Training

The ideal companion to Breakaway Sales Tribe, Breakaway Sales School takes my in-demand intensive classroom sales training and puts it on-demand for you.

Through 50 videos across 6 modules, I'm going to teach you the specific skills and personal characteristics you need to build the life and career you want.

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Breakaway Sales School is an immersive online training program that teaches you step by step how to master sales skills and personal productivity habits to crush quota.

A collection of 50 videos and over 40 guides, worksheets and templates make it easy for you to finally take control of your career. Any industry, any vertical, any sales profession. Seriously.  

I really enjoyed Mike’s enthusiasm and insight into the modern approach to sales. I especially enjoyed his identification of client personality types and his ability to help us interact and guide our customers toward a sale. Mike understands what the top sales people do to overachieve goals. His Breakaway Sales solutions will get you there.
Ed, Sales Director
Mike Kerrison is pure inspiration to anyone he works with. His Breakaway Sales School reshapes your thinking so you can be free to reach your fullest potential. I have watched him work miracles..
Jane, Executive Consultant
Breakaway Sales Pro is dynamic, motivating and inspiring. I've been energized and motivated to be the best I could be both personally and professionally, and I have seen the changes become embedded both in me and my company. I would recommend the Breakaway Performance architecture to anyone looking to move to the next level.
Rejat, Client Engagement Director