Breakaway Sales Pro by Mike Kerrison

Becoming a sales pro that truly breaks away from the pack, you need something better than another seminar, book, or two hour presentation. Now more than ever you need proven, sustainable, repeatable practices, learning and support. You need building blocks and foundational elements on which to build high performance sales habits, followed by expert guidance in the right concepts, practices, strategies and tactics to break away to the life and career you want.

A Subscription Membership To Daily Coaching Dedicated to Making You The Best Sales Pro, Period.

Daily expert sustainability to help you win in your sales career and reach your fullest potential.

As a fairly new sales manager I needed a foundation… a plan. The Breakaway Sales Model provided everything I needed to help build my sales organization. This training is the best I have ever experienced. My sales force continues to prosper using Mike's Structured Sales Cycle.
Bill, Sales Manager
The ongoing lessons for the Breakaway Sales Pro are far and away the best and most productive training program I’ve been through in my fifteen years in selling. This program keeps on giving.
Anthony, Sales Rep

Let’s face some facts. Nearly 70% of all sales reps miss quota.

For most sales professionals, just reaching quota - never mind exceeding it - can feel like climbing a mountain. Always looking for a foothold. Feeling like one slip could spell disaster. Competing against everybody around you, each of you looking for a path to the top, to sales success. It can be a daunting task. It doesn't help that most "sales training" today is forgettable, too niche, or simply ineffective.

This is why Breakaway Sales Tribe exists.

Breakaway Sales Tribe is complete sustainable sales training built for the modern sales pro.

If you were going to climb that mountain, would you hike up a few hills once or twice a year and expect to show up ready to make the summit? Of course not. You'd exercise daily. You'd explore expert advice as often as you could. You'd chart a clear path to the top and follow it, knowing what pitfalls to avoid along the way.

Breakaway Sales Training Designed For You And Your Busy Life

  • Every day for about a year, you'll get an audio lesson in your inbox. 
  • Each lesson is between 5-10 minutes long, perfect to listen over coffee, on your commute, or as you start your day.
  • No fluff, filler, or BS. Specific, actionable insights on the sales skills you need to crush quota.
  • Quit anytime if it's not for you, no questions asked.


Support and Work Guides & Templates Keep You Focused On Your Goals & Success

Territory planning, goal setting, annual planning, daily action, call preparation, monitoring, measuring and more. A complete toolkit to supplement and complement your daily coaching.

A Complete Roadmap For Sales Success

On Day 23 you'll learn how to overcome 4 roadblocks to the sale. Day 31, Selling to The Harmonizer (and what that means). Selling to The CEO on Day 74. Day 135, Perfect Call Preparation.

No stone is unturned, no skill left undeveloped. The Breakaway Sales Tribe is packed full of exactly the skills you need to crush quota, delivered daily. See what's in store and explore the full course.

Planning to reach quota is not enough. We get off to a fast start by doubling it and split the goal into four quarters. 

In the first quarter of our audio lessons we set our 2X goals, create the plan, identify and remove obstacles, deploy superior execution, form all new working habits, and drive massive results…every day.

We build momentum in the next phase of lessons as we stress urgency and accountability. The Breakaway Sales Tribe is an extreme, hard core, goal setting structure designed to unleash your untapped potential. We hold ourselves accountable every day to our very best selves.

We push hard to hit a minimum of 100% of quota by your Third Quarter. You must believe in yourself and eliminate the words “I can’t.” Yes, you can, you just have to decide. In Breakaway Sales Tribe you'll learn how to get more done in 90 days than most reps get done in a year.

In the Breakaway Sales Tribe you'll learn to have a big finish every day. Learn to dramatically increase your income, take control of your life, find solutions to problems, lower your stress, increase your joy, and do it every day.

You - Yes You - Can Become A Breakaway Sales Pro

The Breakaway Sales Pro platform is for: 
  • The experienced veteran looking to modernize their game.
  • The rookie rep who wants to build a career and life that's rewarding and fun.
  • Executives and Sales Managers tired of the same failing training sessions and workshops that only take reps out of the field.
  • Owners and Entrepreneurs wearing lots of hats who need expert, sustainable sales skills quickly and easily.
  • You, who's willing to invest into your career what you'd spend on a large fancy coffee each week with zero risk.

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Breakaway Sales Tribe

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  • 320+ daily audio lessons
  • Templates, Worksheets, Checklists & Guides for goal setting, habit forming, call-making and more
  • No long-term commitment; stop if it's not for you, no questions asked
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Breakaway Sales School

$99 / month
  • 50 videos
  • 43 Templates
  • 6 modules
  • Secrets to sustainable sales success
  • Lifetime Access
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Breakaway Sales Pro

$119 / month
  • Includes BOTH Breakaway Sales Tribe and Breakaway Sales School
  • Unbeatable Breakaway Performance
  • A sales masterclass and daily coaching in one!
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Breakaway Sales Pro

I'm Mike Kerrison, and I can help you become a breakaway sales pro.

I believe the heart of a company beats within its sales force, and I've spent my career passionately helping sales professionals just like you to achieve your goals.

I've helped tens of thousands of people across 40 industries become Breakaway Sales Performers, giving them my proven tools to sustainable success.

Breakaway Sales Tribe delivers directly to you some of my best sales insights and advice, every day. Field-tested, results-proven, breakaway sales game-changers that have shaped careers. I can't wait to share them with you.