Breakaway Sales School by Mike Kerrison
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Make more money. Have a thriving career. Enjoy a richer, better life. After all, isn't that why you took the job?

Instead, most sales pro's are learning as they go, students of trial and error. Barely making quota, if at all. Frustrated that what used to work isn't anymore, desperately trying the latest fad, wasting time in ineffective training, devouring some book or podcast that promises the moon and inevitably under-delivers.

Can you relate? I hear you. And I can help.

Breakaway Sales School is an immersive online training program that teaches you step by step how to master sales skills and personal productivity habits to crush quota.

A collection of 50 videos and over 40 worksheets, templates and guides make it easy for you to finally take control of your career. Any industry, any vertical, any sales profession. Seriously.


Go From Average to All-Star.

I'm Mike Kerrison, and I’ve turned thousands of people just like you into sales professionals with purpose, pride, and career-changing performance. We lock ourselves in a room for a few days and I teach them step-by-step how to double their quota with my Breakaway Sales methods.

With Breakaway Sales School I’ve taken everything I do in the classroom and put it at your fingertips for on-demand, anytime, anyplace access. How could your career and life change with no-stone-unturned expert coaching, fool-proof processes, and next-level sales skills? You’re about to find out.


Orientation & Personal Assessment

will guide you through assessing your current situation and create your own Diagnostic Report. Figure out where you are so you can chart a path to where you want to go. 

The Structured Sales Cycle

gives you an essential process to follow to manage a sales, from start to finish. You’ll learn exactly what to do, when, why, and what’s next, eliminating mistakes and guesswork.

Mastering Buying Behaviors

will teach you how to understand your prospect, what motivates them, and how to craft your approach to suit their style and preferences so you can close the deal.

Mastering Effective Personal Management

empowers you how to take control of your year, your week, your day, your moment. Learn to own your territory and control your time so you can plan for 200% of quota.

Mastering Mental Toughness

help you to own your choices, your impact, and even your fears. Go way beyond sales scripts and role plays and become a person and professional who can rise to any challenge.

Advanced Training

takes you ever further beyond Breakaway, with special resources for Sales Managers, meeting planning, company leadership, and even modern marketing. Master the small things that create big things.
In my thirty five years of selling I have never encountered a program that was more professional, more comprehensive, and more applicable to today’s challenges than what Breakaway Sales School has delivered..
Bryan, CEO
The Breakaway Sales platform is far and away the best and most productive training program I’ve been through in my fifteen years in selling. This program keeps on giving.
Dawn, Sales Consultant
I have used all of Mike's Breakaway Sales tools and have become the top sales rep for my company. I could not have done it without him.
Eric, Regional Sales Director
I have learned more from Kerrison's Breakaway Sales than I have learned in ten years of selling. The Effective Personal Management System alone has been completely freeing. Kerrison and the way he delivers cannot be matched.
Jeff, Sales Director
  • 50 videos
  • 43 Guides, Templates & Worksheets to download
  • All-access, on-demand, at your own pace
  • Audio files for in the car, on your run, through the airport, wherever
  • Jump ahead, skip back. You're in control.
  • One-on-one style coaching from sales expert Mike Kerrison
  • Plus from-the-classroom workshops and role-plays

What's included?

Video Icon 56 videos File Icon 43 files


Sneak Peak Previews
Competence Equals Power (Module 1: Orientation & Assessment)
2 mins
Opening and Impact (Module 2: Structured Sales Cycle)
2 mins
Developing Empathy Skills for Handling Objections (Module 2: Structured Sales Cycle)
2 mins
Listening to Understand (Module 3: Mastering Buying Behaviors)
3 mins
Mastering Selling to Personality Profiles (Module 3: Mastering Buying Behaviors)
2 mins
200% Plan (Module 4: Effective Personal Management)
4 mins
Orientation & Personal Assessment
Watch Me First: Welcome to Breakaway Sales School
6 mins
Course Orientation and Detail of Course 📥
253 KB
Orientation: Competence Equals Power
13 mins
6 mins
Online Self Assessment 📥
385 KB
Diagnostic Report
12 mins
Diagnostic Report 📥
318 KB
Classroom Resource: Comfort Zone
8 mins
Classroom Resource: The Gap
12 mins
Classroom Resource: High Performance=Potential-Interference
2 mins
Classroom Resource: The Competence Loop
2 mins
Unconscious Incompetence to Conscious Competence 📥
215 KB
Classroom Resource: Overcoming Fear
4 mins
Classroom Resource: Bicycle Metaphor
4 mins
The Bicycle Metaphor 📥
282 KB
Mastering the Structured Sales Cycle – The First Secret
The Structured Sales Cycle Model 📥
491 KB
Open and Impact
15 mins
Questioning & Listening
27 mins
Question Formation Process 📥
263 KB
Mastering the Summary
31 mins
Developing Empathy Skills For Handling Objections
7 mins
Objection Handling 📥
245 KB
Creating A Great Sales Presentation
10 mins
Presentation and Speaker Checklist 📥
284 KB
Mastering the Impact Statement (The "Why Change")
7 mins
Sample Impact Statements 📥
286 KB
Impact Statement Practice 📥
249 KB
Better Telephone Prospecting By Segmenting
7 mins
Sales Call Preparation Worksheet 📥
286 KB
Perfect Role Play Calls 📥
242 KB
Voicemail Best Practices 📥
245 KB
Structured Sales Cycle Live: Real Life Example
13 mins
Prospecting With A Purpose 📥
284 KB
Classroom Resource: The Anatomy of a Breakaway
11 mins
Classroom Resource: Structured Sales Cycle
17 mins
Classroom Resource: The Gauntlet
17 mins
Mastering Buying Behaviors - The Second Secret
The Psychology of Buying: Understanding Buying Behaviors
32 mins
Handling Objections With Each Buying Behavior
9 mins
Mastering Selling To Personality Profiles
10 mins
Buying Behaviors: The Psychology of Selling 📥
337 KB
Buying BehaviorsSummary 📥
273 KB
Interpersonal Styles Test 📥
261 KB
Classroom Resource: Listening to Understand
5 mins
Classroom Resource: Understanding Buying Behaviors
27 mins
Mastering Effective Personal Management – The Third Secret
How Effective Personal Management Creates Success
8 mins
My Opportunity Mapping Tool 📥
408 KB
Managing Your Time To Achieve Your Goals
11 mins
Dream List 📥
201 KB
Goal Planning Sheet 📥
327 KB
Breakaway Sales Goals Performance Tracker 📥
231 KB
Time Management Skills Development: Know Your Challenges
11 mins
Tyranny Of The Urgent 📥
218 KB
Where You Make Your Living: Managing Your Territory
20 mins
Territory Planning Kit 📥
378 KB
CRM Best Practices 📥
462 KB
The Plan for 200% Of Quota
17 mins
200% Planning Guide Sample 📥
726 KB
200% Planning Guide 📥
646 KB
Be More Productive: Skills Development for Goals Achievement
29 mins
Breakaway Sales Productivity Workflow 📥
522 KB
Summarizing Effective Personal Management
11 mins
Classroom Resource: Tyranny of the Urgent
51 mins
Classroom Resource: Build Your Productivity Workflow
(1h 12m 36s)
Mastering Mental Toughness - The Fourth Secret
The Importance of Developing Mental Toughness
5 mins
Making Better Choices: Removing Interference to Build Potential
5 mins
The ABC Model: The Formula For Mental Toughness
9 mins
The ABC Model: Stop, Challenge, Choose, Listening 📥
409 KB
Vision, Values & Purpose for Driving Goals
8 mins
The Vision Triangle 📥
683 KB
The Change Process for Healthy, Sustainable Growth
6 mins
The Personal Change Toolset 📥
735 KB
Rational Thinking Criteria
7 mins
Breakaway Sales Performance Summary
6 mins
Bonus Materials: Audio
Orientation 📥
25.4 MB
Mastering The Structured Sales Cycle 📥
187 MB
Mastering Buying Behaviors 📥
43.5 MB
Effective Personal Management
163 MB
Mastering Mental Toughness 📥
69.8 MB
123 MB
Bonus Materials: Advanced Training
Life After Breakaway Sales School
4 mins
Advanced Training for Sales Managers
14 mins
Great Sales Meetings
7 mins
Better Role Play For Better Results
7 mins
Why Sales Objections are Your Best Friends
7 mins
How to Overcome The Three Toughest Objections
24 mins
How to Re-Invent Your Company
11 mins
The Secret to Healthy Sustainable Growth
7 mins
Annual Sales Planner 📥
379 KB
Goal Completion Review 📥
244 KB
Sales Managers Training 📥
2.07 MB
Sales Manager Toolbox 📥
405 KB
Digital Prospecting 📥
265 KB
Social Selling With Great Copy 📥
238 KB

Breakaway Sales School

On-demand video training to become a quota crushing sales pro.
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