Mastering Effective Personal Management – The Third Secret

You will learn to master the “nuts and bolts” of running a territory while maximizing your personal productivity. Research has proven that most sales people spend less than 15% of their time in front of customers. This is due to weak practices, inability to leverage technology, poor planning, and inadequate sales processes. Time is the sales reps number one natural resource, and the only resource that is not renewable. This module focuses on today’s best time management practices which are the prerequisite for reengineered sales processes. You will learn how to gather, process, organize, deploy, and measure work flow. You will also learn how to build an opportunity map and how to create a 200% plan – a focused strategy designed to double your sales performance. These skills are mandatory for the breakaway performer.
Mastering Effective Personal Management – The Third Secret
How Effective Personal Management Creates Success
8 mins
My Opportunity Mapping Tool 📥
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Managing Your Time To Achieve Your Goals
11 mins
Dream List 📥
201 KB
Goal Planning Sheet 📥
327 KB
Breakaway Sales Goals Performance Tracker 📥
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Time Management Skills Development: Know Your Challenges
11 mins
Tyranny Of The Urgent 📥
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Where You Make Your Living: Managing Your Territory
20 mins
Territory Planning Kit 📥
378 KB
CRM Best Practices 📥
462 KB
The Plan for 200% Of Quota
17 mins
200% Planning Guide Sample 📥
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200% Planning Guide 📥
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Be More Productive: Skills Development for Goals Achievement
29 mins
Breakaway Sales Productivity Workflow 📥
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Summarizing Effective Personal Management
11 mins
Classroom Resource: Tyranny of the Urgent
51 mins
Classroom Resource: Build Your Productivity Workflow
(1h 12m 36s)