Orientation & Personal Assessment

Set a solid foundation for long-term success.

  • You will learn the steps taken to acquire conscious competence, the support of the bicycle metaphor which crystalizes your understanding of Breakaway Sales, and we will get you comfortable with being uncomfortable.  
  • That is followed by a fantastic self-assessment tool, diagnostic report, and a complete course orientation to maximize your productivity.
Orientation & Personal Assessment
Watch Me First: Welcome to Breakaway Sales School
6 mins
Course Orientation and Detail of Course πŸ“₯
253 KB
Orientation: Competence Equals Power
13 mins
6 mins
Online Self Assessment πŸ“₯
385 KB
Diagnostic Report
12 mins
Diagnostic Report πŸ“₯
318 KB
Classroom Resource: Comfort Zone
8 mins
Classroom Resource: The Gap
12 mins
Classroom Resource: High Performance=Potential-Interference
2 mins
Classroom Resource: The Competence Loop
2 mins
Unconscious Incompetence to Conscious Competence πŸ“₯
215 KB
Classroom Resource: Overcoming Fear
4 mins
Classroom Resource: Bicycle Metaphor
4 mins
The Bicycle Metaphor πŸ“₯
282 KB