Mastering the Structured Sales Cycle – The First Secret

You will learn the logical, repeatable, and dependable steps required for every sales call. The Structured Sales Cycle will become the foundation for your sales career. The structure supports every call situation - prospecting, first appointment, discovery calls, demos, presentations, closing calls...everything! Master this skill and you are on your way to a phenomenal sales career!
Mastering the Structured Sales Cycle – The First Secret
The Structured Sales Cycle Model 📥
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Open and Impact
15 mins
Questioning & Listening
27 mins
Question Formation Process 📥
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Mastering the Summary
31 mins
Developing Empathy Skills For Handling Objections
7 mins
Objection Handling 📥
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Creating A Great Sales Presentation
10 mins
Presentation and Speaker Checklist 📥
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Mastering the Impact Statement (The "Why Change")
7 mins
Sample Impact Statements 📥
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Impact Statement Practice 📥
249 KB
Better Telephone Prospecting By Segmenting
7 mins
Sales Call Preparation Worksheet 📥
286 KB
Perfect Role Play Calls 📥
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Voicemail Best Practices 📥
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Structured Sales Cycle Live: Real Life Example
13 mins
Prospecting With A Purpose 📥
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Classroom Resource: The Anatomy of a Breakaway
11 mins
Classroom Resource: Structured Sales Cycle
17 mins
Classroom Resource: The Gauntlet
17 mins