Mastering Buying Behaviors - The Second Secret

In this module you will learn to adjust your style and influence others. Understanding buying behaviors and interpersonal styles and how these styles impact your sales call is enormously important if you want to be a breakaway performer. Your ability to influence people and speed the sales process is tied directly to these skills. You will discover your natural interpersonal style using a scientifically researched testing model. You’ll develop a unique understanding of the style of the buyer and how to recognize them. Now you can become highly versatile and adapt your style to fit the way people want to buy. You are now in control and enjoy a tremendous competitive advantage.
Mastering Buying Behaviors - The Second Secret
The Psychology of Buying: Understanding Buying Behaviors
32 mins
Handling Objections With Each Buying Behavior
9 mins
Mastering Selling To Personality Profiles
10 mins
Buying Behaviors: The Psychology of Selling 📥
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Buying BehaviorsSummary 📥
273 KB
Interpersonal Styles Test 📥
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Classroom Resource: Listening to Understand
5 mins
Classroom Resource: Understanding Buying Behaviors
27 mins