Mastering Mental Toughness - The Fourth Secret

In this module you will learn the secrets of the world’s greatest sales performers. This session introduces my thirty-year collection of performance profiles. The training compares the average person’s thought processes to the behaviors and attitudes of the Breakaway Sales Performer. From there we can teach the disciplines required to build sustainable mental toughness which leads to sustainable success.
Mastering Mental Toughness - The Fourth Secret
The Importance of Developing Mental Toughness
5 mins
Making Better Choices: Removing Interference to Build Potential
5 mins
The ABC Model: The Formula For Mental Toughness
9 mins
The ABC Model: Stop, Challenge, Choose, Listening 📥
409 KB
Vision, Values & Purpose for Driving Goals
8 mins
The Vision Triangle 📥
683 KB
The Change Process for Healthy, Sustainable Growth
6 mins
The Personal Change Toolset 📥
735 KB
Rational Thinking Criteria
7 mins
Breakaway Sales Performance Summary
6 mins